Your Written Words Needed to Protect Your Table Rock Rights

Your rights to enjoy Table Rock Lake are being determined now by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as they approve a new Table Rock Lake Shoreline Management Plan.  The Corps has scheduled public hearings in the next few days to receive your comments on this very complicated plan.

You are encouraged to attend the public forums if you can, but what is essential and most meaningful is that you provide your written thoughts on their proposed plan by August 30th of this year by regular mail or email at the following addresses: Table Rock Lake SMP/MP/EA Project Manager Programs and Project Management Division, Civil Works Branch Little Rock District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers P.O. Box 867 Little Rock, AR 72203 or CESWL-TableRockShorelineManagementPlanUpdate@usace.army.mil. The easiest way to submit your comments is by completing the form on the home page of our website. Your message will be sent directly to the Corps of Engineers.

There are significant changes for Table Rock Lake proposed by the Corps in their draft plan.  These proposed changes would dramatically effect real estate values in the Table Rock Lake area, limit options of dock owners, require significant new financial outlays by current dock and slip owners, and provide arbitrary thresholds for use of the lake.  Silence on the part of land owners and those who enjoy Table Rock Lake is often taken as approval.
The process provided by the Corps allows for your ideas.  There is power in the combined voices of the people who live, work and play in the Table Rock Lake area.  Read the plan, or visit this website sponsored by your Table Rock Lake neighbors, then take a few minutes to protect your future on Table Rock Lake.  Your opinions in writing document the true opinions and combined wisdom of those with the most at stake over the future of Table Rock Lake.

Click here to view latest draft of Shoreline Plan

What You Can Do:

  • Complete the form on the home page to send a message to lawmakers and to the Corps of Engineers that we need the Corps to listen to public input.
  • Share this site with anyone who cares about the future of Table Rock Lake.
  • Call your lawmaker and ask them to intervene.